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Criminal Law


Being charged with a crime is a serious matter and you can sometimes feel like it is the end of your world – but it isn’t.  However, if you make poor decisions in response to criminal charges, it could lead to a conviction, jeopardize your liberty and potentially cause dire consequences for you and your family members.

Our office has represented individuals charged with crimes since 1970 and have faced cases including the most insignificant driving offenses all the way up to first degree murder.  While we spend a significant time representing individuals charged with DUI or OMVWI (driving or operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated), our door is open to any defendant.  We are eager to sit down with you and hear your side of the story and help you get though this trying time.

Whether you or a family member are experiencing criminal charges on the front end or trying to clear your criminal records after conviction, first consultations are always free and our office conferences are confidential even if you choose not to hire us.  Don’t let indecision risk your liberty or the security of your family – call today!

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